The Dutch Valley Group was set up to enable several Dutch companies to bundle their expertise and marketing presence. This group of 11 companies offers expertise in the area of hardware, software, reagents, laboratory services and bioinformatics. Together, they offer a bundle of expertise to help you answer your questions in agricultural science.


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Synchron develops custom-made laboratory automation solutions and specializes in automated liquid handling and sample handling. Since 1985, we have been developing custom products based on excellent relationships with manufacturers of laboratory instruments.

Our products, both software and hardware, are now widely used in laboratories. We build automated seed picking systems, DNA extraction systems, Germination systems and a range of other liquid handling based systems. Synchron offers expertise in all areas of automation and has a wealth of experience developing and marketing flexible robotic automation.

In Synchron, you have a dedicated and experienced partner whocan help you realize your automation projects efficiently and cost effectively around your existing laboratory

Go custom with VHLGenetics DNA/RNA services for Plant and Animals. Animal and plantgenotyping are the mainstay of modern agricultural research. VHLGenetics offers custom made applications for:

– Collection & Storage
– DNA isolation (various platforms)
– DNA analysis (Affy, Illumina, LGC KASP SNPline, IonTorrent t-GBS, qPCR, Capillary Electrophoresis)
– Consultancy (backup, outsourcing, validation)

As an example our BeadArrays enable high- throughput screening of known genetic markers to assist selection and breeding decisions. Custommulti species Genotyping Arrays are affordableand starting at €10,- for 10K SNP array (including handling fee and SNP array).

Services through efficiency in motion!

UgenTec, a software company focused on molecular diagnostics with offices in Boston,MA and Hasselt, Belgium, was established in 2014 to provide the routine diagnosticsand research markets with intuitive, intelligent software for interpretation and workflowautomation for molecular testing laboratories.

FastFinder, focused on real-time PCR diagnostics, allows molecular diagnostics companies and laboratories to standardise and simplify their analysis and interpretation. Geared at lab-developed tests as well as commercial kits, FastFinder supports well over 500 tests for infectious diseases, oncology and companion diagnostics applications.

FastTyper, focused on end-point PCR diagnostics, allows companies and laboratories todrastically speed up their high-throughput genotyping workflows. Relying on artificialintelligence methods, the platform removes hands-
on manual analysis from genotype cluster calling and breeding programmes. FastTyper spans across AgBio breeding, seed purity control, veterinary, and pharmacogenetic applications.

The WPS digital phenotyping systems enables researchers the ability to fully control every parameter in their research.
For over 15 years WPS have gained a reputation as a global leader in horticulture high- throughput automated plant handling, plant growth with homogenous growth conditions, system reliability combined with durability and after sales support.
We supply custom made automated plant phenotyping systems including our experiment control software, conveyor systems, RGB imaging sensors, 3D Vision systems and watering and weighing stations.

  • Daily more than 1,000,000 plants are being analyzed with WPS sensors and algorithms
  • Used on more than 100 facilities around the world both for phenotyping and professional horticulture.
  • >1,000,000 RFID fitted plant carriers are used daily
  • Every system is custom designed and made to fit the needs of the customer


NimaGen is a Dutch company founded in 2011 and specialized in the life sciences applications for R&D and diagnostics. We are dedicated to deliver premium quality products for the Molecular Biology sector.

Nimagen started off as a supplier of a complete portfolio of Capillary Electrophoresis kits and consumables, covering the whole workflow of Sanger Sequencing and fluorescentFragment Analysis applications, from core PCR reagents and primers, cleanup solutions, sequencing kits and instrument consumables.

This is now evolving to a company focusing on targeted NGS applications. With off the shelfHuman Disease kits and custom kits for
Human and Plant crops. These can be found in the EasySeq NGS brand name.

For Nimagen flexibility is key to our andyour success. Tailoring our application and products to your needs.

Hudson River Biotechnology (HRB) is a highly innovative agricultural biotech company located in Wageningen (Netherlands) focused on improving crop productivity and quality, addressing the world’s increasing demand for food and natural ingredients.

We do this by optimizing crops via gene-editing to increase yields, improve disease resistance & nutritional value. To this end, we employ the latest genetics techniques including CRISPR and our proprietary SuRE platform for uniquetarget identification.

HRB has an internal R&D pipeline for development of novel platform technologies and varieties with new traits. We work with some of the world’s largest seed companies and actively seek partnerships for plant breeding projects.

Genetwister Technologies is an innovative biotechnology company, specialized in molecular breeding and bioinformatics of agri-, horticultural crops and ornamentals.

We develop independent technologies and new tools for molecular breeding to create a competitive advantage for our shareholders. Genetwister develops its own proprietary software for database management, data-analysis and data-mining.

Genetwister is proud to have fiveinternationally renowned breeding companies as its shareholders.

At MolGen, we focus on DNA purification chemistry, validated robotic protocols and DNAServices.Having Molgen as your partner for DNA purification chemistry will enable you to optimize, customize and implement High Throughput DNA purification at a more affordable pricelevel.

We have validated our kits on several robotic platforms andon many different plant species. From the semi-automatedKingFisher, for a few MTPs per day, up to 40,000 samples per day on the Synchron DNA Cruiser system, we deliver a high-quality DNA purification chemistry solutions.

Rijk Zwaan is a family-owned vegetable breeding company, who develops new vegetable varieties and sells seeds to partners all around the world. It is a fast-growing company that invests significantly in research and development.

People are at the heart of their approach and the company culture sets them apart. With 3,000 colleagues in 30 countries, the passionate global team works collaboratively and enthusiastically every day to develop healthy and appealing vegetables.

BaseClear is a contract research laboratory for DNA-based analysis. In the past 25 years BaseClear has developed especially strong expertise and experience in microbial genomics research. BaseClear offers a complete range of microbial genomics services, including metagenomics, microbiome analysis and bacterial and fungal strain characterisation services.

BaseClear is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited since 2006 (RvA, L457), the scope includes Next-Generation sequencing. BaseClear, one of the pioneers at the Leiden Bio Science Park, moved in 2018 to a new, high-tech and sustainable (BREAAM Excellent) laboratory.

XoXo Marketing provides you with the right online visibility to reach your potential customer. Together we create a thought trough marketing strategy which combines all different online marketing channels. With this cross channel strategy we hit the different contact points that your potential customer will have with your company. XoXo Marketing helps you with the execution of your content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing.

Phenospex is a sensor company based in the Netherlands. We develop unique 3D-multispectral laser scanners, specifically designed to assess crops. Our products provides many plant parameters like plant growth, biomass, plant health in real time and automate many processes in plant science, breeding and agriculture where precise information on plants is required. Our sensors are also used in smart farming/ farming automation robots as the “eye” that detects and analyzes the plants.

Your molecular service provider in plant breeding

Spadix is a dedicated service provider offering molecular services that help you to speed up and improve your plant breeding programs. We take pride in serving every client with the best results, but we have a special focus on ornamental crops.

Spadix was founded by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in the plant breeding industry, the horticultural industry and the life sciences. Our state of the art genotyping facilities, our proprietary bioinformatics pipelines, and our broad molecular expertise form the basis of the company. Yet what distinguishes Spadix most is that we take the term ‘service provider’ literally. Service is in our genes! This also is what our clients tell us. We are on your side and will always provide you with an honest advice.

Spadix’s mission is to generate impact for the plant breeding sector by developing and offering advanced breeding and quality control services. Innovative technologies and partnerships are central to our approach.

PhenoVation is a spinoff company of the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and has been developing specialised camera systems for the last eight years.

PhenoVation constructs imaging sensors to analyse plants and are specialised in measuring the efficiency of photosynthesis. The camera system is used in university’s and commercialised companies to get more knowledge about their plants.

The camera systems do not only measure the efficiency of photosynthesis but can also do multi spectral imaging and produce images like: color, chlorophyll index, Nir, far red, and even more. Over 100 parameters are calculated with the analysis software.

Our ambition is to play a central role in further development of the Dutch life sciences sector. We pursue that ambition by promoting innovation, knowledge valorization, investment and partnerships, particularly in the (bio-) pharmaceutical and green (biotech) sectors.

With those aims to the fore, we organize conferences, workshops and match-making events. We have an extensive network within the international life sciences sector and more than twenty years’ experience, which we draw on to advance the goals of each event we organise.

At the point where an ordinary agency’s contribution ends, our role is only just beginning. We seed partnerships to accelerate innovation and valorization. Our expertise is in the field of scoping, initiating and realizing cross-sectoral innovation. We catalyze the formation consortiums of innovative enterprises focused on the development of new products, services and markets.

In short, Iventus is a key contributor to advancement of the Dutch life sciences sector.

Rest assured
We provide a turnkey service that covers every aspect of event development and organization. And we have the insight, product knowledge and management skills to deliver consistently successful events, carefully tailored to your needs and objectives. As well as providing events for clients, we act as hosts in our own right. That generates expertise that is then at our clients’ disposal.

Our dynamic professional team is characterized by its flexibility, commitment, efficiency and quality. From our origins on Leiden’s Bio Science Park, we have built up considerable expertise and an extensive network in the life sciences sector, especially the agricultural, horticultural and pharmaceuticals industries.


Unique to Catalyze is our work in th eAgri, Food and Bioeconomy sector, which has grown at an exceptional rate in recent years. We recognise the grand potential of this sector, especially with the rising awareness of the he global challenges in developing technologies that can help to feed a growing world population, while at the same time, minimising the ecological footprint.
Catalyze is a market leader in obtaining funding for biomedical and healthcare as well as Agri, Food, and Bioeconomy innovations. We have a strong passion for the latest technological innovations and our consultants work with the best researchers and projects worldwide.

We help these leading researchers and companies secure funding for ambitious R&D projects, from early stage, fundamental research up until late-stage development. In our strategy, we combine (inter)national subsidies and government-secured loans, entirely tailored to your ambitions and needs.

The development of disruptive innovations is a complex process, taking several years. To help your accelerate this process we can support you in the following ways: the development of your business case or business plan, conducting your market research, development of your funding strategy & roadmap and acquiring funding through grant programs and government secured loans.

So far, we have raised more than 600 million Euro in funding for our clients with a strong track record raising funding through, but not limited to, HORIZON2020, Eurostars, NIH, IMI, ERC, ERA-NET, EFRO, national funds and regional funds. Also interested to receive grant writing support or to start looking at opportunities for your own endeavours?

Don’t hesitate and contact us now! +316 538 24 694