HRB is an independent technology provider, specialized in plant breeding, crop production, genetics, and biotechnology. Through our work, we intend to deliver on the promise that crop improvement can address the demands of a resilient, sustainable bioeconomy. Since HRB’s founding in 2015, we have established a name in the market as a go-to player for disruptive innovations and cutting-edge technological developments.  As our first portfolio technology, we have worked with a variety of companies to develop new traits and solve technological barriers in gene editing with CRISPR. In 2021, we have expanded our portfolio to offer delivery of biologicals and small molecules in field applications through nanotechnology.

HRB’s customers range from large multinationals to family-owned businesses in, for example, the food, pharmaceuticals, plant breeding and biotech industries. Our goal is to make plant-focused technologies accessible, tailor-made to each customer and create mutual success.

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