At Phenospex we build smart sensors and software to analyze plants in any environment. With these high precision tools we automate entire phenotyping processes for plant science, breeding and agriculture.

PlantEye, our spectral & 3D sensor, is used for applications like chemical screenings, disease quantification and germination assays. But also is integrated in farming robots as the eye that screens the plants.

We integrate PlantEye in easy to implement products like the TraitFinder (lab & greenhouse phenotyping) and the FieldScan (Greenhouse & Field phenotyping). These products deliver 17+ plant parameters like plant growth, biomass or NDVI (indictor for plant health) in real time and ready to be analyzed with our software HortControl.

We integrate PlantEye in products you can easily implement in your phenotyping process. Two of these products are the TraitFinder and FieldScan which deliver 17+ plant parameters, like plant growth, biomass or NDVI (indicator for plant health).

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