UgenTec, a software company focused on molecular diagnostics with offices in Boston,MA and Hasselt, Belgium, was established in 2014 to provide the routine diagnosticsand research markets with intuitive, intelligent software for interpretation and workflowautomation for molecular testing laboratories.

FastFinder, focused on real-time PCR diagnostics, allows molecular diagnostics companies and laboratories to standardise and simplify their analysis and interpretation. Geared at lab-developed tests as well as commercial kits, FastFinder supports well over 500 tests for infectious diseases, oncology and companion diagnostics applications.

FastTyper, focused on end-point PCR diagnostics, allows companies and laboratories todrastically speed up their high-throughput genotyping workflows. Relying on artificialintelligence methods, the platform removes hands-
on manual analysis from genotype cluster callingĀ and breeding programmes. FastTyper spans across AgBio breeding, seed purity control, veterinary, and pharmacogenetic applications.

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